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For 2015. Which of my oc's do you wanna see more of? 

42 deviants said Alexandra, the shy human / worgen death knight
33 deviants said Nakola, the pissed draenei warrior
21 deviants said Thelora ( no art yet ), the Justicar Draenei hunter
20 deviants said Sonja, the troll Warlock
13 deviants said Lucia, the widow human monk


A warm belly to desire, part 2 by ColdBrush
A warm belly to desire, part 2

Gwen massaged at her throat, preparing it for the coming ordeal while whispering. "Hands or feet, Lizzy?" And Lizzy answered by immediately wiggling her green fingers and thumbs at the gnome's face.

Kissing each of the six fingers before sitting up against the pillows, Gwenlin continued to provide an ample supply of smiling, which Lyalizza reciprocated. The goblin climbed to hands and knees to move over and be directly in front of her gnomish partner, leaning in for a brief smooch. Lizzy then sat back on her legs and held her hands out to Gwen's face with her palms together like someone about to take a dive off of a platform. Except with no pool.

Gwen encircled the goblin's wrists with her fingers while slowly opening her mouth, sliding Lizzy's past her lips and into the warm and damp confines. Lizzy cooed with delight and playfully wiggled her fingers a bit before they were pressed back towards the back and into the slightly constricting confines of Gwen's throat. A lump formed in the gnome's neck as she swallowed while simultaneously pulling on Lizzy's arms, feeding more over her tongue and down her waiting esophagus.

Making her way into Gwenlin past her elbows, the goblin was forced to lean in close and took full of advantage of this position to peck her partner between the eyes. She leaned down to have her red-haired head slowly engulfed by Gwen's stretched mouth, with the gnome taking slow, even swallows while also pulling along with gentle tugs of both hands. Forehead, face, ears folded down by her lips, and chin vanished through Gwen's mouth as she could feel the goblin-shaped bulges start to slowly slide down her throat.

Lizzy's shoulders then passed through without complication and as her clavicles were touched by the bottom-lip of a gnome, her finger-tips slid through the ring of muscle to her destination. She wiggled gleefully with anticipation, just knowing she would be somewhere warm, comfortable (if slightly cramped), and safe.

However, the moment that Gwen's lip and teeth grazed the top of her breasts, the goblin began giggling muffledly and suddenly pushed on the bed with her feet, climbing further into her lover and managing to stuff herself in up, or down, to her upper-stomach. This left Gwen slightly dazed for a moment, before she rolled her eyes and gave Lizzy's flank a playful pinch in retaliation. This evoked more quiet laughter from within.

Lizzy took on a more semi-casual role in her own devourment, gently pressing her toes and the balls of her feet against the blankets beneath the both of them while worming her stomach into Gwen's bulged throat. The gnome took advantage of this situation to place her palms on the bottom of Lizzy's, well, bottom, lightly squeezing each cheek as they neared her lips and causing the goblin to laugh even more and curl her toes.

With half of a goblin down her throat and her stomach starting to swell outward with Lizzy's head passing into it, Gwen moved her hands to the goblin's thighs while teasingly dragging her teeth over rump and pelvis alike. From here on out it was up to her to finish the journey within, as Lizzy's feet could no longer touch the bed and both green legs swaying up and down almost in a swimming motion with delight. Both of them were enjoying this greatly.

Gwen eventually leaned back against the pillow and placed her hands under the goblin's kneecaps, lifting her head while hefting upwards to angle Lizzy's legs vertically above her herself. She's created a straight shot down to her stomach and with the help of gravity, plus she didn't want to bend Lizzy's limbs are odd angles.

Inside, Lyalizza giggled as she so far had her head, shoulders, and arms inside of the warm, damp confines of Gwen's stomach. This was soon to change with Gwen swallowing and pulling down with both hands, easing her mouth over the green thighs as they slid onward to her throat. With each passing second less and less of Lizzy was visible from the outside world and Gwen's middle was growing progressively more round.

Gwen paused as Lizzy's knees reached her mouth and rested against her tongue, taking a moment to recover with her stomach resting across her lap, though the occupant decided then and there that this would not be permitted. Lizzy squirmed in the damp, fleshy chamber and pressed upward with her arms as best she could, curling up a bit more and as a result tugging her calves mostly down Gwen's throat.

The gnome gagged a tiny bit before managing to maintain control over herself, immediately rolling her eyes at the antics of her over-eager lover. Giving one side of her engorged midsection a light smack, Gwen was rewarded with muffled laughter from within.

Gwen worked the rest of the calves into her throat, leaving ankles in her mouth and a pair of feet sticking out between her lips. She tickled a bit at the green soles, illicting even more stifled laughing and causing the bulges of her throat to distort slightly as Lizzy could do little more than squirm. Smirking as best she could, the gnome pressed on both feet and gave a last swallow, causing the final lumps under her skin to begin the descent with the rest of the body.

Trailing the last bulges down her throat with a hand, Gwen rested the other on her heavily distended belly while staring at it with the same love and caring she would give to Lizzy were the goblin not under her skin. The bulges of the feet slid through her throat into her chest cavity and disappeared from view while Lizzy's legs folded up against herself to complete the fetal position, her ankles and feet soon enough being deposited through the ring of muscle.

Finally, it was finished. The gnome had swallowed down her goblin lover. Gwenlin hiccuped, jostling Lizzy slightly as she slouched back and lovingly rubbed over what she could reach of the enormous bulge of her belly. "Feel warmer, now?" She asked of her own stomach.

"Mmhmm..." Lizzy's muted voice sounded tired already, comforted by the heat of her lover's surrounding flesh and the nearby rhythmic beating of a heart. She yawned, eyes shut as the sound started to lull her to sleep. "Love you, Gwen." She mumbled, feeling utterly safe for the night.

"Love you too, Lizzy."

(Characters are owned by Almmia. Story by Gia "Holy-hell-I-haven't-written-anything-in-YEARS" Amelie, AKA Jaeirla.)


Made for Almmia, starring their oc couple.


And with story written by Gia aswell.


Heya everyone, Coldbrush here.

As you might have noticed, I havent posted much during a few months.

Well, nothing else can be said rather then Ive had alot to deal with in RL recently, especially with the follow up of the damage my former job did.


I have no plans atm to stop drawing. Its more the other way around, and Ive slowly gotten better of finding both energy and motivation.

Therefor, Im planning to hopefully revamp the gallery over a period of time. I plan to use my premium membership while its still active to maybe see if I can set it up a bit better for easier navigation.

This is an idea I was inspired from by reading one of Skie-Maree's journals:


However, before we go into what new features I can add to the gallery, lets take a honest look at the elephant in the room.

.........Warlords of Draenor.

It has to be said.....

As everyone know, warcraft has been a major inspiration for me over the years. But as everyone already has said a 1000 times.....

Is that this expansion has NO content since its latest patch.

Will this mean I will stop drawing warcraft stuff? No, not at all. I still enjoy the warcraft universe alot, especially its lore.

But when a game is so lacking of new content that it is right now that it even causes 3 million players to leave. Then something isnt right.

So in short, WoD havent really brought me the motivation to draw wow fan art as it used to do. And it has even caused me and Icey to take a break from our planned webcomic, to rethink it again from a unique angle or even storyline.

But as said. If we feel it can bring the motivation again, then we will continue the webcomic and see what we can bring.


So, what else is in store?

Well, I actually have a couple of sketches lying around that I need to finish. Everything from promised art to even some own art projects. I think I mostly just need to get out of this bad habit of having to many sketches lying around, and then wondering which one I should finish first.

But as soon as that is settled, Im still reconsidering of doing things like YCH here and similar.

Icey is working hard on his projects aswell, and we hope to have more stories with a picture as usuall later on.

Will I start a Paetron? No, it wouldnt be a fair thing atm since I have alot to deal with in rl. If I feel I will have the time and a bit more stable time table so I can deliver the promised time into it, then I might give it a go.

Anyways, thanks for listening. Will hopefully update soon again.

Best regards

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ColdBrush's Profile Picture
A little bit of this, and a little bit of that
Good evening and welcome to my gallery, Im Coldbrush, formerly known as AmourVorer.

Im an former fantasy vore artist that has started focusing a bit more on other projects these days, like for say armor and characters. I still dont mind drawing vore alongside mates like:

Kattspark, Lazywuff, Silver Wolf and ofc Donutwish.

:iconkattspark: :iconlazywuff: :iconwinter-silverwolf: :icondonutwish:

Ive also had the chance to work on stories alongside the writer Gia:


But as said, the vore fantasy aint my only focus these days. And I tend to experiment on other area's. Like for say pinups, pregnancy, armor and so on. As long as it dosent involve any gore or violence. As you might notice, Im quite the soft person when it comes to those kind of things.

I tend to mostly focus on practicing airbrush and cel shading, and I work mostly with the SAI program to draw art.

I also tend to be inspired alot from games like warcraft for my art. I also get inspired by my friends ideas and often like to co op with others.

Either way, hope you enjoy youre stay. Best regards



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