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November 3, 2011
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So I was at the point where I started to working on the next image, that has quite the detailed octopus in it as a predator.

I started scribble a little, but I feelt I needed some detail practice before continuing.

Thats when I remembered that I promised you guys I had promised some traditional vore, like snakes and such. And since I wanted to make some classical snake vore, I had a vore with Alucard.

He suggested that I should have a word with one of his friends who could give me a unique scenario to work with.


After some ideas thrown back and fourth between the 3 of us, this small comic was done, giving me some practice with detail work like then snake and enviroment. Also giving inspiration to the model herself was Monica, in a sugessted pink bikini, and alucard helping me out writing the dialouge.


Thanks guys :-)

Character is over the age of 21
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now she's, where she belongs
In our universe, on this planent, snakes usually kills the prey, breaks it's bones completely before devouring it.
That is to prevent the prey from causing internal damage inside its stomach.

I still harbour fantasy of girls eaten alive very slowly with their consciousness....
Atleast she got to have her fantasy before her life ended.
I wish it's a slow... very slow digestion.

If it was not by an earthly creature like snake, but instead of true tentacle monster from the other world (yum),
her every last drop of soul, flesh and memories will be absorbed by the entity and death will be completely meaningless.

She might melt down into some slimy goo by the digestive fluid, depending on entity's will, but she will be reconstructed anytime if she needs to be.
Her essence is stored within the creature and she will forever reside in the it with others who were digested...

Well, in fact "almost" forever, since a complete eternity is pointless and null (Infinity = Zero).
One might call it eternal life. I believe that's as close as one can get to cheat death in this universe.

Just thinking, everyone living inside the boundary of this world, born and degrade every now and then, one can't truely die with all their atoms preserved and cycled in the universe. This whole universe is a giant vore monster in some ways.
Will she get the full turer
I love feet first snake vore so very much having to watch yourself being swallowed is just so hot I just wanted to say that.
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